Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Getting Better!

Well I am sitting here on the couch at 2:40am, CAN'T SLEEP! I have had some kind of wierd funk for the past month or so. My sinuses are bad, bloody noses, lack of sleep, and bad back pain! But of course....No INSURANCE! So there is really nothing I can do. Going to work at 7:30 in the morning has been tough especially working on 3 or less hours of restless sleep. I feel really bad for my husband because I am keeping him up with snoring, getting in an out of bed, and tossing and turning! We might have to start sleeping in seperate beds!
This months news for us is first if all my sister in law is engaged. As far as I know she is getting married around our anniversary, March 20th, but anyone who is married knows how many times your official date is changed. Everyone always has something the week your planning it. I think we changed our date at least 6 times, so I finally just decided to move it up a whole month!!! Lucky me. Second, Phil and I are getting sealed in the Logan Temple on March 13th!! I am so excited! Oh and I am taking out my endownments the weekend before in the Idaho Falls Temple! March is going to be a crazy month! Third, Lacy had a bery successful delivery of a beautiful baby girl Rebecca 8.5lbs. She is darling! Last, I got a calling in our ward and I am a primary teacher. I got set apart last Sunday, but they haven't told me what age...and no lesson manual to teach sunday! We will see how it goes. :)


JoSue said...

oh man! 2:40am?? You should drink some herbal tea...see if that works. Sounds like life is pretty busy. What exciting things you have coming up though! That's awesome your sealing date is already set and planned. You guys are awesome.

I loved the post update...a little picture...perfect. You are totally getting better at this. :) xoxoJo

Hailey said...

Mand, I just got my braces ajusted on Monday and I was sad to see you weren't there. But I hope you getting feeling better. I am so excited for you guys...going to the temple is amazing!

Angela Frasure said...

It's good to see what you are up to. Congrats on being prego! Sounds like life is going good!