Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I Love Married Life

So yes......I am married and I love it. It is everything I have always imagined! Yes, there are a few set backs here and there, but I love living, and spending everyday with my best friend. Phil is amazing. We have had a crazy 2 weeks. We got married March 13, then for our honeymoon we went to St. George for 4 days and Las Vegas for 1 day. Came home, moved into our house, then the following weekend went to Las Vegas again and just got home Sunday night. It was way fun, but definitely stressful. 
Everything at the wedding was so beautiful and turned out great. The food, pictures, people, gifts......simply amazing. Looking back thought, everything was a blur. You plan for so long for one day and it is over with is a minute! Whoever came....Let me know what you thought. I would love to hear your comments.